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Love is selective and chooses, and is therefore always slightly subjective and one-sided, but she joins herself together with her object, becomes sensitive and open to its virtues and its potential, and makes the lover to an adept - a person who knows and understands.

That’s what has happened to us - it was the love of linen and the feeling of certainty that this fabric was a foundation stone, an archetype in the world of textiles which led us to form our young company. We felt certain that linen would soon see a renaissance.

Trips to smaller weaving-houses which are still existing followed. They were all to be found in countries or states which, following a long tradition, still cultivate and weave flax.

Our enthusiasm for the classical designs which have now been rediscovered in the long history of the art of weaving linen - simple, matt-finished drapery, robust country linen, austere but elegant herring-bone twill, or noble damasks with their lustrous refinement - grew with each new discovery.

This enthusiasm has remained with us to this day! As our clientele grew, so did the amount of stock we were able to keep. The number of patterns and fabrics on stock has grown to over 300, but each fabric is still individually selected at the weaver’s with the same conviction – and the hope, that our enthusiasm for a fabric will inflame our clients alike.

In the meantime we have opened a department for finished products. These are now offered in the following groups: bed linen, linen curtains, linen tableware and linen for the bathroom. Otherwise, anything else which is woven for clothing or for use in the home is of interest to us – but, of course, it must be in linen!

Order a selection from our fine linen fabrics in Ordering samples!

Maybe you too will become a linen connoisseur – or even a linen lover!

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