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Current offers

1. Gminder Linen – Cotton

Due to the strong demand for this fabric in 2004 – it is, by the way, not linen at all, but is now made of 100% cotton – we have decided to offer this otherwise almost unobtainable classic in two weight classes. We offer it in 12 standard colours, which means there are now 24 varieties to choose from.
The special thing though is, that for an order of 50m or more, we are able to provide you with any colour you wish! This should be particularly interesting for historical societies, jester guilds, carnival societies, tailors and workers in handicrafts. Please ask us about this!

Incidentally: If our customers show sufficient interest, we would love to reintroduce the original form of this material. Until 1967 it was available as half-linen from mixed yarn. We eagerly await your response!

2. Dyed linen - 6 colour palettes

Following the preferences of many of our clients, we have expanded the range of colour tones for our summer linen (light linen, drapery, "toile de lin") to a total of 79. We are talking here about our very fine quality fabric between 125g and 235g per m² and the reactive dyeing process with the German certification "Oekotex 100".

Apart from piece-dyed fabrics in single colours, we also carry an array of fine wet-spun yarn-dyed linen fabrics with exceptionally charming shadings. Combining up to three yarn-dyes, they really inspire with new creative possibilities.

We present the 79 colour tones in 6 groups or palettes: yellow-red / magenta-purple-violet / blue / green / brown / black-grey.

If you already know approximately which colour you are looking for, just let us know the palettes you wish to have by going to Ordering samples. Each single palette costs € 2,20. If you would like to have all 6 palettes, the price is reduced to € 9,-.

Delivery inside Germany: within 5 days from the day your order arrives (as long as stocks last!). For other countries, add a day or two. See also Fabrics to sample No. 11

3. Special colours

A new collaboration with a very flexible dyeing house allows us to offer all our linen products in special colours, beginning with a length of 25m. "Gminder Linen" cotton from 50m. We only need your colour sample or a RAL specification.
The fabric is blotch dyed using a reactive process and complies with the standard ratings for colour fastness. Delivery period 4-6 weeks.

It is even possible to dye batches of less than 25m (minimum 10m). However, in such cases we prefer to put our clients directly into touch with the dyeing mill and leave the responsibility up to them.

4. Handwoven linen

At last we’ve found a weaver who can produce handwoven linen for us as yard ware, also for clothing, and at affordable prices!
We are offering 4 marsella, or twilled, fabrics and 1 warp-striped fabric - genuine classics - a special treat for textile connoisseurs who love everything which is genuine and authentic. For samples, please order: ART 2003-2004-2004A-2005-2006-678 See also Fabric groups to sample No. 10

5. English Linen

A new discovery from the archives of our oldest weaving house! We’ve rediscovered old printing screens for English floral designs!
Enjoy the extravagant variegation of these gorgeous bouquets of roses! We offer 8 patterns on 250-280g half-linen. One pattern is also available on 380g 100% linen for strong and durable fabric for covers
Suitable for table linen and linen curtains, cushions and plaids.
See also Fabric groups to sample No. 12 and Finished products and Online-Shop.

6. Old Linen

We were able to obtain a large amount of very well preserved old linen from a family in northern German. It was woven around the year 1925, 45-70cm wide and in bales of 11m. Please ask us for further information and, if you wish, request samples!

7. Uniform herring-bone twill

Woven just as it used to be, uniform herring-bone twill (lace twill 3-1), 100% linen, 1/4 bleached, compact weave - very sturdy for day-to-day use. Width 138 cm, weight 440g/qm.
See Fabric groups to sample No. 4 and order one!

8. Linen frotté (terry cloth) and honeycomb piqué

Our linen frotté titled "Schlinge 100% Leinen" is enjoying more and more popularity amongst our clients! We can deliver bath towels up to size 100 x 150 cm and bathrobes (S-M-L).

We have also brought a new hand-woven linen honeycomb piqué (Article 678) into our programme. It complements our 2 other honeycomb piqués (592 + 592A) very well.

We now offer bathrobes from this piqué (678) in sizes S, M and L and bath towels in any size you wish.

Please click Finished products and Online-Shop.

9. Bed linen

Our sewing service is becoming more and more efficient! For that reason we now offer bed linen made from any of our fabrics and sewn to whatever measurements you like. Let us make you an offer! And, at the moment we have finished sets of bed linen to very favourable prices …

Please click Finished products and Online-Shop.

10. Finished products in our Online Shop.

You can now see and order the following products from our new Online-Shop:

Handmade from "English Linen" with its timeless floral designs and bouquets of roses, these products are of the highest quality:
Made from our linen fabrics, in a range of designs and conventional sizes, or in any special size you wish to order:
From our linen frotté and linen honeycomb piqué in many different sizes:
Please click Finished products and Online-Shop.

11. Improvements beginning in 2005

Our homepage has been expanded with the following new categories:

We are now able to present our complete collection to you personally in Achern, by appointment. Please contact us!

See individual fashion design using our linen. Or buy our linen fabric as yard ware. Visit our business partner -

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