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Ordering Samples

Standard sampling (including retail buyers):

For € 8,80 you can obtain a profile of our collection with 36 separate samples in postcard size.
For the same amount we are also offering:
Special sampling for historical and carnival societies and traditional groups:
 Please send me your standard sampling for € 8,80.
 Please send me your special samplingfor historical societies for € 8,80.

Fabric group sampling (quantity buyers and designers only):

For a more specific selection, we offer you 12 different fabric groups to choose from. Sample size 10 x 12 cm, price € 6.60 per group, except Nr. 12* English Linen: sample size 15x25cm, € 12,- .

Please send me samples from the following groups to the above-mentioned prices:

(1) Country linen  (2) Drapery (toile de lin)  (3)  Marsella  (4) Herring-bone twill
(5) Tweed  (6) Gossamer  (7) Jacquards  (8) Stripes
(9) Checks  (10) Handwoven linen  (11) Dyed  (12-12a)* English Linen - floral prints
New(13) "Gminder Linen" cotton - free samples!

 Our dyed linen encompasses 100 tones in 6 colour groups : red, violet, blue, green, brown and grey. There is a palette with up to 20 colour tones for each group.

You can order all 6 palettes for € 14,50 (complete range of colours)

or individual palettes, each costing € 2,90: red   violet   blue   green   brown   grey

Pattern books for the entire collection (quantity buyers and designers only):

We offer two pattern books: 1 x CLOTHING and 1 x THE HOME, both DIN A4 with approx. 80 samples in postcard size.
You can order these books for a nominal fee of just € 76,- each. This amount includes a two year sample voucher. - With this voucher you automatically become a member of our Sample Service for two years. You will receive our newest samples to sort into your collection and will be informed about any discontinued lines or interesting special offers.
Please send me your Pattern Book for CLOTHING
Please send me your Pattern Book for THE HOME

Pattern holder (quantity buyers and designers only):

At the present time we are carrying 16 different pattern holders with a width of 30 cm and length of 85 - 120cm. Please send us a request for a complete list of these pattern holders
Please contact us about the pattern holders.
Please contact us to arrange a personal presentation of your collection.

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If you are a new customer, please inform us here whether you are the final consumer of the goods or if you are a wholesaler/quantity buyer or a designer who will process them further.
  final customer
  wholesaler/quantity buyer/designer (Please provide us with proof of the existence of your firm or a copy of your trade licence.)

Please choose your method of payment:

 Payment in advance (I will transfer the necessary amount to one of the bank accounts listed below).
  Please debit my account with the amount due:
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 Cash on delivery (c.o.d.)
 Payment by credit card minimum 15,- € (send us your order by email and we will reply with the link you need to make the payment.)
 I include the amount due in stamps (only for letters sent from Germany).

Please choose the way you wish to place your order:

 Order by email (after you click the “send” button we will receive your order via email).
 Order by fax (after you click the “send” button you will be able to print out the order).
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