Die Leinenweber Stoffe aus reinem Leinen

Product Range

Linen enthusiasts are simply thrilled when they see our collection! We’ve deliberately and consistently limited ourselves to just one kind of natural fabric: to linen. A good linen fabric should not simply be chosen by looking at a photo! We can expect a real connoisseur of good textiles to want to hold, feel, crumple and fondle (or even smell) a fabric. For that reason, you’ll find our Sampling Department at the heart of our customer service!

To find out how to gain possession of an (extra large) sample of the original cloth, go to Ordering samples.

In our collection there are two main groups:

Fine linen fabrics for clothing

Fine linen fabrics for use in the home

In our palette of fine clothing fabrics you’ll find a huge range of variety, from superfine and elegant to sporty and rustic, to cloth suitable for livery, traditional costumes and country house fashion. From finest batiste (voile), through medium-weight drapery, sturdy marsella, tweeds and herring-bone twill on to heavier and compacter country linen for tough jackets and trousers. The classical colour tones of natural and bleached linen are complemented by our palette of "Ökotex 100" colours. In this palette we offer 80 different colour tones in 6 colour groups and these are used for premium-quality wet-spun linen which is yarn-dyed or in fine fabrics which are dyed by the piece. Please go to Current offers to find out more about this.

We also carry a large number of items in our palette of fine materials for use in the home, including fabric for linen curtains varying in weight all the way from diaphanous to robust. Linen bedding is available in a range of extra-wide sizes (including 180,200,240 and 300 cm) in addition to the normal size, and in checked, striped or plain patterns. We have heavy, densely-woven country linen and canvas for covers and plaids, noble-patterned jacquard and damask, which are of course the classics for cultivated table linen, and, our most recent acquisition of all, a linen frotté (terry cloth) of exceptional character.
For more information, please go to Current offers.

An Overview

All of the following materials can be obtained as yard ware in 100% linen (or, in the case of "Gminder-linen" cotton, cotton) and can be used both for clothing or in the home. Some of the categories of quality linen listed below are for one particular fabric only, while in other categories we are able to offer you a number of alternatives.
Samples are available on application.

Batiste, cambric
Block- or hand-printing
Casein linen
Checked patterns
Checked patterns, woven
Chenille velvet
Country linen
Cross zigzag twill
Dimity, drill
Drapery (toile de lin)
English linen, floral patterns
Fisherman’s linen
Frotté, terry cloth
Gauze, gossamer, tiffany
"Gminder-linen" cotton
Handwoven linen
Herring-bone twill
Honeycomb piqué
  Jeans marsella
Linen cloth, plain weave
Marsella, twill
Nettle linen
Printed linen
Printed linen
Striped patterns
Tricot, jersey fabric
Warp stripes
Weft peacock’s butterfly

In addition, we offer you products which are finished and ready-to-use:
(see also Finished products & Online-Shop!)

Handmade from "English Linen" with its timeless floral designs,
the following products are of the highest quality:

Handmade from our linen frotté and linen honeycomb piqué in many different sizes:

From our linen fabrics, in a range of designs and sizes, or in any special size you would like:

Our Sewing Service

If you don’t sew yourself, you are welcome to take advantage of our well-priced home textile sewing service. We sew linen curtains, plaids, bed linen, table linen, serviettes and much more according to your individual taste and wishes. Let us make you an offer! Send us the measurements you would like, and we’ll do the calculations for you!


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