Die Leinenweber Stoffe aus reinem Leinen


In addition to the wholesale prices we are offering for the current collection - see the appropriate price lists - we also have a special department reserved for quantity buyers.

Here we can offer you linen of the highest quality on exceptionally good terms.

The fabrics are between 135 -150 cm large and weight class between 160 -250 gr. In this department we also carry half-linen, e.g. linen/cotton blends, or linen/viscose, linen/ramie or 100% ramie or hemp.

The prices lie between € 6,50 and € 8,50 per meter. The minimum quantity which must be purchased per fabric and colour is 300m.

We can create just the colour shade you want from your own sample, and it doesn’t cost you anything!

The delivery period is 6 - 8 weeks from the placing of the order.

Let us make you a quote tailored just to your needs!

How does that work?

Your Team of Quantity Buyers

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